Giving Thanks

So my new found friend, seniinthebox, has this wonderful habit of counting her blessings every week. I thought I’d give it a shot myself.

Things I am grateful for.

Number 1. My cousins. I’ve realized that my cousins have actually become my best friends. Even when I become antisocial and fall out of the social loop of things, and my friends and I drift off into our own busy schedules, I can’t escape my cousins, and I don’t know any other people who accept me so completely. I am grateful for when they walk into my house uninvited every so often, plop onto my bed, and be like ‘Whazzup, shifani? And where’s the food?’

Number 2. Painting. Producing art has become a huge form of therapy and growth for me. It’s like meditation sometimes. There’s a new pattern or colour in my head every day and so I paint every day if I can help it. And I have a small audience on Facebook now to keep me at it.

Number 3. A creative job. I’m super grateful for being hired here, it was totally a matter of potta luck, a happy fluke. We’re known for reviewing food, which is nice in itself, but mostly I love being given the chance to flesh out the random ideas that pop into my head, like comparing photographs of Old Colombo & New Colombo, the stories behind 8 powerful Sri Lankan women, and the source of the awesome proverbs stickered on the backs of tuk-tuk.

Number 4. Kygo. I’m so glad I discovered happiness-inducing Kygo one evening while chilling out with my brother and his wife (two people I’m grateful for too). His work has been my jam ever since.

Number 5. My parents. They leave me alone and have allowed me to be me. Which might not seem like much to people who take that for granted, but you won’t believe how many young women are forced into living their lives a different way than they want, especially young Muslim women. Save for the occasional scuffle, I’m left to my own devices to be the loon that I am.

What are you thankful for?

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